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1. Rules

1.1 We are an online gaming community that is run by dedicated game admin selected from our servers player base. The servers we host are there for fun and friendly gaming environments, the rules set out below are to ensure this remains the case.

1.2 We will remove players who purposly break our rules, this is to maintain a positive experiance while on our servers.

1.3 Minor offences will be dealt with by means of a server warning, continued abuse of the rules will result in a kick and/or temporary ban.

1.4 Major offences will be dealt with without warning and usually result in a long term or permament ban.

2. Friendly Fire

2.1 Our servers have friendly fire enabled, this means the killing or team wounding of your team mates is possible. Will-ful acts of either offence will be dealt with swiftly, and appropriate action will be taken in relation to the severity of the offence.

3. General Gameplay

3.1a Base camping is not permitted on our servers, we define base camping as attacking a base with the sole intention of making as many cheap kills as you can while making no attempt to capture it.

3.2 We do allow snipers, Tanks and other vehicles to fire into uncapturable bases from a distance, but do not permit them access to the main base area unless an active effort is being made to destroy enemy assets.

3.3 As this is a ‘team’ game we do not permit redlining other players, redlining is defined as taking part of a vehicle out of the confines of the map to kill a team mate.

3.4 Stealing Vehicles that a player is repairing is not permitted, and is not within the spirit of our community.

4. Inappropriate Language, Player Names or Abusive Behavior

4.1a We require player names to be a minimum of two characters. Players that use names to intentionally try to mask or move the tag that is displayed when viewed by another player are not allowed.

4.1b Players are not permitted to use tags or names that give the impression they are an admin on our server.

4.2 Abusive behaviour towards other players is not permitted, light hearted banter is fine, but don’t cross the line.

4.3 We understand that online gaming is an area where strong language is often used and therefore we permit this in moderation, however extreme swearing is not permitted.

5. Exploits and Cheats

5.1a Cheating or Exploiting will only result in one thing. Our definition of exploiting is taking advantages of bugs that allow you to enter or walk through walls, floors, or any other action that was not intended to be part of the gameplay.

5.1b Using 2 computers to keep track of where the enemy are located is also classed as an exploit.

5.2 Our servers stream to both Punkbuster and Punksbusted, From time to time we may take random screenshots of players. This is to confirm no cheats are in use.

6. General Disruption

6.1 We will not tolerate players who purposely disrupt the natural flow of the game. Such disruptions include but are not limited to, blowing up team assets for no reason, spamming the chat area or spamming radio commands.

7. Advertising

7.1 We do not permit advertising of other servers or communities on any of the FSFA services.

8. Contesting a Ban

8.1 All bans issued by our admin are backed up with evidence, however if you wish to contest a ban you can do so through our forum.

If you are unsure, ask an admin on the forum, or in Live Chat.



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