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Admin Application


If you agree to the following, reply to this post with your ingame name so we have your interest registered.

1) Sense of Humour
This is compulsory, if you don't have one then don't bother reading beyond this point.

2) IRC channel
All admin are required to attend the #battlefield.jolt IRC channel and help where needed, this channel can be found on quakenet.

3) Battlefield forums
Admin are required to take an active role on the forum

4) Community Building
Admin are required to encouarge people who play on our servers to participate on the forum and join IRC, as well as bringing the attention of our servers to those who are not yet aware of them.

5) Public servers
Servers are monitored using remote management tools, these tools must not be accessed from a public machine and no one other than yourself is permitted to use it on a fsfa server. Once you have been accepted into the program you will recieve the tools and login details.

6) Mods and Expansions
All admin are required to own either Battlefield: Vietnam ,Battlefield: 2 or Battlefield 3, please let us know which game you are applying for.

7) Admin Conduct
As an admin your job is to make the server a better place to play on, New admin tend to over admin, try to watch how more experianced admin handle situations and learn from them, remember to take a step back and monitor the situation before taking action.

Admin actions and chat on the servers are logged, these logs are monitored. Any admin found to be abusing their position and who is acting in a manner deemed unsuitable will have their admin status revoked.

We expect all admin to set an example when on the server, as a representative of fsfa you will be expected to treat all players fairly, running around calling people n00bs will not be tolerated. Never kick unnecessarily. Make sure you are justified in giving the punishment before you do, all bans should be backed with proof of the offence, this means you take a screenshot of the offence before you apply punishment. Only use your powers only when you need to, when you join a server you should just play to have fun.

The server rules can be found on fsfa.org, read them and make sure you are familiar with them.

If you want to admin our servers you are required to spend as much time as possible on them, you are also required to play a minimum of 30 rounds over a 30 day period, anything less than this will not suitable. We want people to know you, know your an admin and know that someone from the admin team plays on the servers. What we don't want to see are our admin spending 30 mins on a fsfa server and then 2 hours on another server.

Your acceptance into the program will depend on the results gained though checks on your past behaviour on the fsfa servers

If you cannot meet the above requirements you application will be rejected, or you will be removed from the team.

by proceeding with your application you are agreeing to the above requirements.

I agree




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